1st ASEAN Digital Ministries’ Meeting 21st-22nd January 2021 Via Video Conference

Communications and Multimedia Minister Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah, will be chairing the 1st ASEAN Digital Ministers’ Meeting (ADGMIN1) on 21-22 January 2021 via video conference with the theme of ‘ASEAN A Digitally Connected Community’.

The main objective of the meeting is to focus on strengthening the cooperation of ASEAN countries towards the development of the digital ecosystems as the backbone of the post-COVID-19 development plan. Emphasis is placed on strengthening the cooperation and unity in efforts to develop the ASEAN community in the areas of cyber security, personal data protection, 5G, innovation and e-commerce.

The meeting will also take the opportunity to expand cooperation with ASEAN Dialogue Partners (Japan, China, European Union, United States, South Korea, India and ITU) in improving ICT policy, developing human resources, exploring new technologies, and increasing ASEAN’s ability to deal with risks in cyberspace.

Recognizing the importance of “trust’, as one of the main factors in encouraging the community in adopting digital transactions, the ASEAN Digital Data Governance Framework initiative has been developed to coordinate policy and regulatory approaches for data handling and data transfer among the ASEAN countries.

This meeting will also focus on the Development of Policy Recommendations for 5G Ecosystem Development, which is an initiative that looks at sharing of policies and best practise on the development of 5G network in ASEAN countries so that the benefits of the technology can be enjoyed regionally.

In addition, the meeting will also serve as a forum for the exchange of views and policies related to the use of spectrum for telecommunication purposes as well as matters related to the telecommunication industry in the Southeast Asian region.

ADGMIN1 is also aimed to encourage private sector participation in jointly develop quality ICT infrastructure and services to enhance ASEAN’s competitiveness in supporting the goals of the ASEAN Community.

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