Artificial Intelligence to Boost Oracle HCM Cloud

To help organizations meet increasing candidate and employee expectations, Oracle today announced new artificial intelligence-powered innovations and other updates to Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud. The latest innovations help HR teams reimagine people and talent processes in order to build stronger teams faster, reduce employee turnover and enhance the employee experience.

The rapidly changing demands of today’s talent economy are challenging HR professionals to rethink established processes in order to take a holistic view of their talent’s experience, skills and career aspirations. The latest release of Oracle HCM Cloud addresses this challenge by simplifying HR processes and enhancing the employee experience in order to help HR teams achieve a meaningful alignment between each employee’s job responsibilities and an organization’s overall business objectives.

“The constantly changing expectations of candidates and employees is one of the biggest challenges organizations face today and is resulting in escalating recruitment costs and increasing employee turnover,” said Chris Leone, senior vice president of development, Oracle HCM Cloud. “Expectations will continue to change faster than most organizations are able to evolve or invent experiences for and this constant flux requires HR teams to constantly innovate and adapt. By continuing to integrate the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning within Oracle HCM Cloud, we are helping our customers simplify the complex and deliver the best possible employee experience.”

Oracle HCM Cloud enables HR professionals to meet the increasing expectations of an ever-changing workforce and business environment by providing a complete and powerful platform that spans the entire employee life cycle. The latest updates to Oracle HCM Cloud extend Oracle’s commitment to making work simpler, smarter and more agile.

Make Work Simpler: Artificial intelligence and machine learning deliver an easier and more familiar user experience for employees. New features include:

  • Scalable HR Concierge with Digital Assistants: Increase employee engagement and satisfaction, while also improving HR team productivity by enabling employees to quickly and easily get answers to common HR questions through an HR-trained bot.
  • Mobile Responsive Experience: A unique mobile responsive design provides employees and managers with a consistent and personalized experience – no matter where the job takes them – on their desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Organizations can manage user access to protect sensitive employee information by enabling HR teams to restrict user access to HCM capabilities based on location.
  • Configurable Action Lists for Represented Worker Processes: Increases HR team productivity by simplifying processes, policies and procedures through rule-based processes that automate contract management for represented workers including union workers and collective labor agreements.
  • LinkedIn Recruiting Integrations: New integrations with LinkedIn simplify sourcing candidates by providing a seamless and efficient recruiter experience. The new integrations include automated sourcing, candidate search, referral recommendations and recruiter system connections.

Make Work Smarter: Powerful AI-based tools help organizations make smarter, more strategic business decisions by taking a data-first approach to talent management. New features include:

  • Smart Sourcing with Best-Fit Candidate: Reduce recruitment cycle time and employee turnover rates by enabling recruitment teams to go beyond standard job profile match to consider factors like likelihood to accept, performance predictions and expected tenure.
  • Self-Learning Risk Management with Advanced HCM Controls: Help lower the cost of regulatory compliance, prevent fraudulent payments and increase the separation of duties by leveraging machine learning to detect access anomalies and strengthen security and data privacy.

Make Work Agile: New innovations help employees collaborate, improve skills and experience a unique, consistent company culture across all platforms. New features include:

  • Strategic Workforce Planning: Proactively plan and optimize your workforce, assess talent and skills gaps, visualize predicted impact on headcount and cost, and structure the organization to support the ever-accelerating pace of change in the business.
  • My Brand: Enhance employee engagement and help employees hone their skills and build their personal brand by driving collaboration with peers and enabling mentor recommendations.
  • New LinkedIn Talent Integrations: New integrations with LinkedIn help HR teams engage and retain employees by growing their talent pool, enhancing internal mobility and increasing career development opportunities.
  • HCM Experience Design Studio: Increase employee satisfaction and HR productivity by creating employee experiences that align with company culture and enabling HR teams to configure, personalize and simplify HR processes without help from IT.