ASEAN countries face growing demand for mobile apps

Red Hat has announced the results of a survey on enterprise mobility adoption in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The survey results found that while a significant number of respondents claim to have a strategy in place around mobility, quite a few still struggle when it comes to processes, including execution. Furthermore, the survey also revealed that mobile-specific skills can be difficult to acquire and develop in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

According to an IDC InfoBrief, survey respondents in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are moving beyond devices towards workflow mobility. 56 percent of survey respondents consider mobility strategic to their business, while 40 percent plan to focus on mobile application-related projects in the next 12 to 24 months.

Demand for mobile applications across the three countries is growing with legacy system integration being a priority. 76 percent of survey respondents either have budgets in place or plan to invest in mobile app projects within the next 24 months; 58 percent plan to deploy between one and five mobile apps within the next 24 months.

Acquiring the right skill set is viewed as a challenge across the region. Nearly 50 percent of survey respondents believe their organizations have minimal or contracted skills to support mobile projects — this challenge was noted by 60 percent of respondents from Malaysia.

The IDC InfoBrief concludes that in today’s increasingly digital era, having a clear mobility strategy is an essential for organizations. As organizations continue to expand their mobile-related projects, having the requisite mobile-specific skills internally is expected to become a necessity, as managing and supporting these projects will require dedicated resources. Investing in this competency can help enable successful mobile deployments.

“Mobility presents an opportunity for organizations to revisit business processes and engage customers in new ways. Red Hat Mobile Application Platform is well-poised to support this strategy by providing an agile approach to developing enterprise mobile applications, enabling enterprises to meet their mobile requirements and turn their mobile-first strategy into reality,” said Damien Wong, vice president and general manager, ASEAN at Red Hat.

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