Avira Mobile Security for iOS gets refreshed

Avira recently tooks the covers off their newest version of Avira Mobile Security for iOS. The app features new, cutting-edge anti-phishing and identity protection capabilities to protect the digital lives of iPhone users better than ever. Avira Mobile Security for iOS can be downloaded for free via Avira.com or the Apple Store.

Why mobile security for iOS?

While the iPhone is fairly secure against banking Trojans, for example, its owners are still very much at risk from visiting phishing sites. They look like legitimate banking and shopping sites yet are used by cybercriminals to steal private information from users, such as email addresses, passwords, banking and credit card details.

In the first six months of 2017, Avira security analysts have recorded a 34% increase in the number of blocked phishing URLs and websites. These URLs were spotted and confirmed by Avira URL Cloud, a cloud-based system for identifying and blocking phishing URLs.

“Phishing sites are an increasing threat for users – regardless of the operating system that their device runs on”, said Alexander Vukcevic, Director Avira Virus Labs. “Even though the iOS system may not yet be so vulnerable to malware, its users are still susceptible to clicking on phishing sites that look legitimate.”

New highlights to Avira Mobile Security for iOS include:

Web Protection – This feature enables the user to quickly check if a visited website is a phishing site. It is powered by the Avira URL cloud. Web Protection works together with your default browser and most major browsers to keep you safe from online scam.

Activity Report – Get a transparent view of the security-enhancing activities on your iPhone such as scanned URLs, contacts and email addresses.

Enhanced privacy – The app can be used standalone or as part of a complete suite to protect your digital live, as it enables you to add more security and privacy tools like Avira Phantom VPN, Avira Password Manager, or Avira QR Code Scanner directly from Avira Connect.

“With the newest Avira Mobile Security for iOS, we’ve focused on reducing the risks from ‘human factor’ mistakes. You can now surf freely – easier than ever – with the help of Avira Web Protection and enjoy a new, clean design and enhanced user experience at the same time”, said Corneliu Balaban, Manager of Mobile Development at Avira.

Availability and system requirements

Designed to be tough against threats to your security yet light on system performance, Avira Mobile Security for iOs can be downloaded free of cost from Avira.com and at the Apple store. The app is for all iPhones running on iOS 10 or newer.

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