Looking towards Internet security

As many of you might know by now, Internet Security is one of the cornerstone topics here at TechBarrista. Over the past seven months we’ve increasingly leaned more firmly towards this direction due to trends that have been sweeping across the field of Information Technology.

Here are some of the security related topics we’ve covered so far:

Why Security?

When we talk about tech, most of us are interested in the cool stuff such as the nifty gadgets and nice shiny toys. Unfortunately, because of the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomena, we’re expecting products in this field to quickly come out of proof-of-concept stage and start hitting the shelves hard soon.

While that’s good in a sense, people often forget that IoT opens up a huge can of worms when it comes to security. For IoT secuirty that becomes even worse because we’re relying on the vendors themselves to work closely with security providers and build in basic levels of protection into their products – leaving our security out of our own hands.

Although there’s not much we can do regarding that, knowledge is king and learning more about security from us will perhaps help consumers make more educated buying decisions. To that end, we’re dedicating the entire month of September to security and will be talking to many people about what everyone should know.

If there’s any particular area you might like us to cover, do send an email in to editorial @ techbarrista.com and we’ll be sure to take it into consideration.

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