New Android Feature Lets You Manage Digi Mobile Data

Digi has come up with something new and this time they’ve apparently worked with Google on it. The company has become one of the first in the world to have its own new Android feature that helps customers manage their own mobile data in the OS settings. Digi is part of the Telenor Group, which worked with Google on this initiative.

The feature will be available soon to all Android phone users who have Android OS 4.0 or newer and can be accessed through the new Mobile Data Plan functionality. This will allow Android-based Digi users to manage their mobile data plans and get important alerts from the telco when necessary.

The Best Part of all this? No App Necessary – everything is now native on the Android platform!

“Digi is always on a look out for more partnership opportunities that will ensure our customers get the best functionality from their plans and mobile devices and we are excited that we are one of the first two telcos in the world to launch this feature in our respective markets. We are confident that our customers who use Android devices will appreciate having better experience in the way they manage their mobile data usage,” said How Lih Ren, Digi’s Head of iTelco.

The feature is currently in a pilot testing phase with some Digi customers. Others will likely see a gradual phased roll-out of the service.

“As this feature can be accessed directly in the phone settings, it is now even more convenient for our customers to enjoy our services non-stop with minimal disruption. Having the ability to update their data plan and easily purchase relevant offers directly within the Android user interface, customers can now look forward to a better internet experience,” added Lih Ren.

This initiative began back in 2016 when Telenor and Google worked together on a Mobile Data Plan API. The initial concept was an alert system for Telenor customers in Thailand and Malaysia when they were reaching the end of their data quota for YouTube. This concept was expanded into the new feature that is currently being rolled out by Digi.