Realme Confirms Official November Malaysia Market Entry

This is one company which has been active lately, in fact having just launched the Realme 2 in Indonesia earlier this month. Now, the company has officially announced that it will be entering the Malaysian market next month.

Confirming the speculation, Josef Wang, Marketing Director of Realme Southeast Asia said, “Realme aims to be top of mind for the younger generation of Malaysians who are looking for smartphones that are fast, stylish, and affordable. With exceptional success in India and Indonesia, it was only natural that we moved to Malaysia next, a country with a smartphone penetration of 131.8%. With such impressive figures, we’re confident that Malaysia will continue Realme’s success in the region.”

Realme Success so Far

Its success in India was massive, with the Realme 1 Series sold out in only 2 minutes after being officially launched. This followed with the Realme 2 Series, when a total of 200,000 units were sold in under 5 minutes. The brand’s launch in Indonesia followed suit when it sold more than 15,000 units in only 10 minutes – creating a new record for the brand in the region and demonstrating its relevance to the youth of today.

Such impressive sales performances have proven that the company is indeed a ‘rising star’ in the smartphone industry. The brand’s product line-up has also achieved rave reviews from international media. Across the board, it is known to hold its own in terms of design, software, cameras, and price range.

Carrying the ‘Proud to be Young’ tagline, Realme is focused on becoming a ground-breaking smartphone brand for the younger generation, bringing together best-in-class performance coupled with contemporary style. Combining youthful designs with competitive specifications, Malaysians will have to stay tuned for some pretty exciting news about the launch.