Regional cybersecurity to benefit from F-Secure partnership with ACE Pacific

At a recent event held in Singapore, F-Secure signed an agreement with ACE Pacific Group (ACE) appointing the latter as its distributor. The agreement encompasses the Asia Pacific region to leverage on ACE’s broad reach as well as technical expertise and will serve to address regional cybersecurity needs.

Threats posed by rapidly evolving technologies and products has been increasing. Along with increasingly complex and sophisticated attack methods, the Asia Pacific region has been bearing witness to a huge variety of data breaches and other cybercrimes. The indicator is strong that no industry, critical or not can afford to turn a blind eye to cybersecurity.

With that in mind, we are happy to note that cybersecurity companies themselves are actively pushing for greater awareness in the region; the key point being F-Secure’s most recent partnership with ACE.

Helsinki-based F-Secure has for decades championed internet security around the world and is no stranger to the region. In fact, the company bases one of its two research and development labs out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, comprised of more than 200 engineers and analysts who actively track malware in real-time.

With that and the increasing focus on the APAC region, it comes as no surprise their selection of ACE as a strong regional partner. ACE is more than just a distributor, it is in fact a company which is highly focussed on the cybersecurity business.

Bringing specialized solutions to the Asia Pacific Region

“Based on our history, we have always been on the lookout for new and interesting products to complement our existing portfolio. F-Secure has some products which fit very nicely into our solutions portfolio and over the past two months both companies have forged ahead to cement the partnership,” said Danny Tan, APAC Director, ACE.

According to Tan, the agreement with F-Secure will cover the entire ASEAN region of which ACE has representation in eight countries, namely Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand. Enthusiastic about the partnership, Tan also mentioned that ACE had recently opened an office in Australia which will also likely be included in the agreement later.

Based out of Singapore, ACE will be looking to ensure a strong home market presence whilst ensuring strong technical support capabilities prior to turning a focus towards, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and other ASEAN markets.

When asked about their choice of distributor, Keith Martin, Regional Director for Asia-Pacific and Japan for F-Secure said, “With the increasing complexity of cyberthreats we have to increasingly look upmarket in terms of the skill levels of the companies we’re working with. With that in mind we look for companies like ACE which are able to bring deep knowledge of that security to bear on the products that they are selling.”

The agreement between F-Secure and ACE covers a broad scope, however by mutual agreement there will be an initial focus on products where ACE will be able to better demonstrate its high level of cybersecurity talent.

“For example, F-Secure’s vulnerability scanning products, Rapid Deployment Services and even F-Secure’s unique vulnerability plug-in product for SalesForce. We are keen to leverage on our specialization to offer very niche products to the correct customers who value products in that capacity,” said Tan.

Tan further emphasized that to build real value in the relationship, ACE was keen to demonstrate its capability in bringing F-Secure’s products to market. “Pushing the value down through the economy chain to the customers who will realise that value will be a long win-win situation,” he added.

This was further underscored by F-Secure’s confidence in ACE. Martin feels that ACE has a strong prospectus given the breadth of countries it covers in the region. At the same time, he also noted that this would enable F-Secure to focus its growth with the least number of partners possible.

Future-proofing the market

In today’s increasingly dangerous digital age, it comes as no doubt that trust is a key pillar upon which companies increasingly look towards. The appointment of ACE as its regional distributor will no doubt serve F-Secure well in priming the market for its greater expansion.

The combination of ACE’s distribution channel strength as well as technical expertise will be a winner not only for the two companies, but for client organizations who are seeking the perfect blend of security and strong support.

By leveraging on best-in-class security tools offered by F-Secure and its own technical expertise, ACE will be able to help safeguard companies in a very holistic and tangible way. Companies will then benefit from this security to safely build their business while leveraging on the ongoing digital revolution.

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