SPNB to digitize with mTouche and MNC Wireless

SPNB Dana, a subsidiary of Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB) will be digitizing operations with an aim to offer better support to buyers in its affordable housing project. SPNB is wholly owned by Ministry of Finance Inc under the Ministry of Finance.

The digitization will be undertaken by mTouche Technology Berhad (mTouche) and MNC Wireless Berhad (MNC Wireless). The two companies last Friday inked a Conditional Agreement to develop the digital technology platform.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding, signed between MNC Wireless and SPNB Dana last Friday, both parties will form an Equity Joint Venture company to provide financial support to home buyers of SPNB’s affordable housing project, with the appointment of MNC Wireless SPNB Dana’s digital technology solution partner.

Tang Boon Koon, Executive Director of mTouche, stated, “This is a very important milestone for mTouche and we are excited to be given the opportunity to work with MNC Wireless to jointly develop the digital platform for SPNB Dana. Our digital media and infotainment platform core engine with payment solutions, digital display panel supports and broadcasting solutions, is designed with artificial intelligence capability and will play an increasing key role in developing and optimizing our clients digital platform solution across the board and providing quantifiable value-add services to our enterprise partner.”

MNC Wireless CEO Christopher Tan said, “The Equity Joint Venture company to be formed with SPNB Dana, will allow SPNB to provide financial support for its project’s home buyers, coupled with supporting SPNB’s digital transformation road map.”

“The digital platform will comprise of a Business-to-Business focused platform for companies operating within SPNB and business partners; and a Business-to-Consumer focused platform for home buyers of affordable housing projects by SPNB.”, said Tan.

Both Ace Market (Bursa Malaysia) listed companies, MNC Wireless and mTouche, expects the close collaborative partnership to contribute positively to their business, in line with forming of strategic partnerships to drive revenues to the each other.

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