StaffAny Launches CICO Global App for Businesses

Singapore start-up StaffAny, which offers workforce management tech solutions, has developed and launched a new mobile app, called CICO Global (Clock-in, Clock-out). As many regional economies are slowly emerging from lockdowns, businesses are carefully reopening. The app helps regional businesses and their employees reopen in an efficient and safe manner by leveraging digital solutions to encourage businesses to easily employ safety measures, such as contact tracing, safe distancing, and staggered employee hours.

Founded in 2018, StaffAny is a Singapore based start-up company that aims to connect human resources and operations within organizations, for greater efficiency, productivity, and better communications among staff. The company is supported by NUS Enterprise, the entrepreneurial arm of the National University of Singapore, produced at BLOCK71 Singapore, and founded by a team of alumni from the NUS Overseas Colleges program.

The CICO Global app is perfect for businesses that require the recording of staff attendance (in particular, part-timers or hourly workers), such as F&B outlets, convenience shops, and retailers like supermarkets.

To help the Asia Pacific business community fight against COVID-19, StaffAny is waiving CICO’s download fees for regional businesses until the end of this year. CICO is also in line with Singapore’s recently announced Fortitude Budget as it helps businesses use digital solutions to reopen in a safe manner and encourages workers to comply with post-Circuit Breaker measures.

CICO Global is a workforce management mobile application that employees and their managers can use in the following ways: 

  • Automatic timesheets – Employees use CICO Global to verify when they enter and leave the business. After downloading the app on their mobile phones, employees use the app to scan a QR code-based at the work premise. CICO Global verifies the individual, time of arrival and departure, as well as the geo-location of their mobile. CICO Global then automatically calculates the number of hours registered at work, including overtime. This removes the need for manual clock-ins (which can be easily misrecorded) or outdated punch-cards. The contactless system also reduces the chances of any virus transmission. When employees clock in, they can also make a health declaration to confirm they have not traveled abroad recently or been in contact with a COVID-19 patient.
  • Dashboard for visibility – As mentioned above, the app has capabilities of clocking in hours of work. Managers no longer need to visit each outlet to verify staff have clocked in for work. Using the CICO Global dashboard, they can easily verify attendance and clock-in/out times. By tracking staff properly, managers can ensure staggered hours and that employees are not being cross-deployed to different outlets.
  • Notifications – When the assigned staff does not clock-in, CICO Global notifies the manager so that necessary action can be taken. Notifications are also provided to employees to remind them of an upcoming shift. This helps prevent lateness and no-shows.
  • Recordkeeping – All records are within the app and can be easily exported. This eliminates time-consuming paperwork for multiple records, such as health declaration, temperature taking, or clock-in/out times.

As we are aware, economies are easing their lockdowns slowly, co-founder of StaffAny, Janson Seah comments that they want to minimise chances of a surge in the number of cases of Covid-19. It would make sense that some regulations and measurements stay in place like social distancing, staggered working hours, no cross-deployment of your employees and contact tracing. He commented that “This is why StaffAny will keep providing CICO Global for free to regional businesses until the end of the year. Hopefully, this will help everyone to stay safe and efficient at the workplace, as regional economies start to open up for business again”

Setting up the app is another easy task, it’s instant, and does not require any hardware. Businesses simply log on to CICO Global (link is: and sign up. For more details on the waived fee – so if local businesses sign up by the 31st of July they can access the CICO app for free till the end of this year (with StaffAny waiving the regular fee of S$39 per month). After signing up, businesses can start instantly by adding their employees’ details in bulk. Employees will then receive an invitation from their employer via SMS to download the StaffAny CICO app and they would be able to clock in immediately.

Businesses that continue using the app will pay the regular fee after the end of this year.

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