Tune Protect Introduces Its On-the-Go Mobile Application

Tune Protect Group Berhad (“Tune Protect”), a leading digital insurer in the region is once again breaking new grounds with the launch of its mobile application (“Tune Protect App”, “App”). Aimed at enhancing customer experience, the App comes with purchase and claims functions for customers on-the-go, providing them with a differentiated and seamless experience to self-manage their insurances digitally, anytime, anywhere. The App launch is timely especially with the lifestyle shift in the New Normal making it easy for the customers to perform and manage their insurance transactions online.

According to a 2018 report by Comscore[i], Malaysia is one of the top 3 countries with the greatest share of mobile app usage time at 92%, just behind Mexico (94%) and Argentina (95%). Realising the potential of mobile applications and the corresponding consumer behaviors, Tune Protect combined customer needs and technology to bring forth an innovative mobile application which provides ease and convenience for its customers. 

Mobile applications play a key role in consumers ‘I-want-to-know’, ‘I-want-to-go’, ‘I-want-to-do’ and ‘I-want-to-buy’moments[ii]. With the new App, Tune Protect wishes to deepen its relationship with customers by capturing these daily micro moments while building greater brand loyalty and affinity.  

“With the launch of our App, we have achieved another significant milestone in our journey of innovation and customer service”, said How Kim Lian (“How”), Group Chief Financial Officer of Tune Protect. “This is a testament of our firm commitment to driving innovation and ultimately delivering value and protection for our customers even when they are on the move,” added How.

Features and Functions 

Innovative features on the App include among others ‘Buy Online Insurance’, ‘Policy Management’, ‘Claims Submission & Status’, ‘Secure User Authentication & Profile Management’, ‘Knowledge Base’ and ‘Contact Customer Support’.    

What`s more through the App, customers can easily get access to Tune Protect’s lifestyle and on-demand online products such as Travel Easy, Motor Easy, PA Easy (Personal accident), Dental Easy, Ride Easy (Passenger protection), EasyCare PA (Disabled protection), Sports+ (Extreme Sports protection) and Guard Easy (Snatch Theft protection). The policy management feature further offers customers fast access to all existing and past policies for better self-management and transparency. To this end, the App allows customers to take charge and be in control of their insurance policies with just a few clicks on their mobile devices.  

Submission of claims is made simpler and quicker in just a few easy steps. The claims status is also updated and made visible to customers as it is trackable via the App. 

Aside from protection, customers can also enjoy the convenience of capturing their odometer reading through the App if they opt in for the Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD) benefit when purchasing Tune Protect’s Motor Easy (motor insurance). This benefit rewards customers with up to 20% refund on insurance premium for driving less.  

“Every feature of the App was designed with the intent for it to be a one-stop and go-to platform for customers. Our focus is to deliver value-added services that users can engage with anytime, anywhere and to make protection easily accessible and manageable for our customers,” added How. 

Digitising Insurance Services

The New Normal for the insurance sector will be a combination of protection and technology coming together as a complete solution for customers. The App is a new customer touch point in addition to other diversified distribution channels for customers to reach and engage with Tune Protect. 

Moving forward, customers can expect to see more innovative and in-trend products to be made available on the App in addition to enhanced benefits, reward program, and gamification features to the current version.  Tune Protect expects to collaborate with other service providers to feature suitable benefits and rewards for a more superior customer experience.

Tune Protect Mobile App is available now for download via Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices. For more information on the App, please visit Tune Protect’s website at https://www.tuneprotect.com/.

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