Tuya Smart Becomes Google Authorized Solution Provider

Tuya Smart, a leading global AI+IoT (AIoT) platform provider, today announced that it has become one of Google’s first Authorized Solution Providers to help brands build smart home Actions for Google Assistant. This also gives Google a bigger smart home and IoT client exposure through Tuya’s unique, all-in-one AIoT platform.

“The announcement is Google’s recognition of Tuya’s superior performance in artificial intelligence, data protection, and smart home technologies,” said Eva Na, CMO and Vice President of Marketing and Strategy from Tuya. “This deepens Tuya’s collaboration with Google and means even better global AIoT advantages for both companies moving forward.”

A longtime Google partner, Tuya’s platform was among the first to get connected to Google Assistant. Tuya has successfully helped many brands smart-enable their devices and strengthen their devices’ market competitiveness with features like voice activation. With clear strengths in search and machine learning, Google Assistant has led the way in the intelligent home speaker market globally.

Together, the companies have allowed brands from all corners of the globe to build powerful smart home- and smart device-related product lines and deploy feature-rich IoT technology to their markets. 

“This will not only help the growth of both businesses, but also the advancement of the smart home industry as a whole globally,” continued Na. “It’s a wonderful new chapter for both companies.”

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