Vivo X60 Series to Come with ZEISS Imaging

In a visual-driven world, the camera is almost always the first feature consumers look out for in smartphones. Thus, in pushing the boundaries of mobile imaging technology, vivo has embarked on a partnership with ZEISS, a pioneer in the optics and optoelectronics, to redefine the rules of photography. The result – a impressive camera system packaged in an equally remarkable body in the form of the vivo X60 series.

The vivo ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System makes the X60’s photography functions more powerful and adds the famous ZEISS look to the images, reproducing the beauty of the scenes before you in professional shots every time. Sporting a 48MP main camera, a 13MP portrait camera with 2x optical zoom, 13MP super wide-angle and macro camera, the Zeiss-branded trio-camera setup is fashioned in thin cascading layers that rise in subtle steps, exuding a futuristic aesthetic inside the sleek body of the X60 devices.

Marking its return from the X50 series, the Gimbal Stabilization 2.0 is a second-gen micro-head stabiliser that combines an enhanced OIS with EIS to realise the rotation between the X/Y-axis as well as Z-axis rotation for all-round stability. Say goodbye to blurry images with the innovative gimbal that moves the lens in the opposite direction to compensate for any camera shakes. Also tuned with Pro Sports mode to capture fast action in fast focus, the motion detection algorithm works with Object Autofocus and EFB Autofocus so you can take impeccable motion snapshots even in normal and portrait modes.

For those looking to capture the nightlife in its entirety, users can enable the Extreme Night Vision 2.0. Together with an AI high-precision noise reduction algorithm, the larger f/1.48 aperture in the vivo X60 series allows for more light to be captured, enhancing the overall brightness with better details in the shadows while keeping grain and noise to the minimum. This results in stunning night shots even when it is pitch black outside, making night the new day. Want to see more? The Ultra-Wide Night Mode and Super Pano in Night Mode help create cityscape masterpieces with a 120-degree field of view.

The vivo X60 series will additionally feature the ZEISS Biotar Portrait Style engineered by ZEISS, the first of its kind for vivo smartphones. The vivo X60 will have all the intricacies of Biotar lenses, including the legendary central resolution and the only rotational bokeh of Biotar. The technologies behind the vivo X60 series camera includes progressive bokeh stimulation and distributed blurred spot rotation, giving images that iconic flair. Optics is a big deal for vivo and as such, the lenses of the X60 series is further fitted with a Professional Portrait lens that has an equivalent focal length of 50mm. It sees as the human eye does, adding authenticity to all the portraits it captures and demonstrating what it means for the X60 series to carry ZEISS-enhanced optics.

Powering the X60 series is the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 870 that enables boosted performance to not only deliver elite experiences with unstoppable speed and efficiency, but also support the high performance and multitasking required by the upgraded camera functions. Experience fast processing time and never worry about lag-time whether during gaming or activating the camera functions.

Beyond photography and power, the design of the X60 series is further redefined with an advanced high textured body and new bold colours to give it an ultra-premium look. Beautifully crafted in Shimmer Blue, the X60 series reflects the sunrise peeking through the morning mist, while the Midnight Black variant envelopes the tranquillity of a summer night sky.

Whether it is a professional photographer in need of the right tools or a budding filmmaker on a quest to debut passion project, the X60 series offers the precision and the convenience to take photography and videography to new heights – all in style.

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