Master Select Group Enhances CRM system

In order to provide a great user experience to existing clients, Master Select Group, one of the world’s leading online trading brokers, has recently revealed its plan that MSG will launch the new version of CRM system on February 1, 2021. MSG has implemented a comprehensive upgrade to the CRM system, aiming to create a refreshing account management platform for investors to ensure that everyone can fully enjoy the great user experience from fund management to the acquisition of the latest activities, from membership rewards to customer service consultation.

The layout is more focused

During the system upgrade process, MSG continued to use the red and blue colors in order to maintain the same brand style. The two colors are smartly laid out on the pages’ background and button elements. So as to enhance the layering of the design, different kinds of blue – deep, light and bright are selected and used on the pages, making the overall design smooth and comfortable without loss of layering. Red is also used for embellishment between different blocks to make the page clear and focused.

The function is more complete

In addition to visual improvements, there is also another important goal for this project, which is to improve the system function. On the basis of retaining the functions of fund management, transaction history, and trading strategy, MSG put more efforts into adding the rewards redeem center, the latest trading notifications, online promotions, and trading skills related videos for the system. The addition of new functions not only ensures that every user can manage their deposits and withdrawals, trading history records, but also can manage their own membership status, get notifications of trading rules changes, learn about the latest promotions, and watch videos to improves their trading skills and results.

The experience is smoother

The new version of the CRM system not only made breakthroughs in vision and functions, but also paid close attention to the smoothness of various operations carried out by clients using different types of electronic devices. By simulating the clients’ behavior, MSG arranged the display positions of different functions in the system according to the priority of operation, ensuring that clients can find the functions they want at the first moment, and realize the integration experience from deposit to information inquiry.

Besides, all existing clients of MSG can start the brand new experience from February 1st by logging in to the [CRM system]. For people who doesn’t have an exclusive account yet, click on the [online registration] page to fill in the application information, and the account registration can be completed in just one minute, then they are completely ready to start the exploring journey in the system.

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