Omnidesk Crosses the Border to Malaysia

Omnidesk has crossed the causeway and is looking to elevate local workspaces. Their Malaysian business is registered as Ultimate Desk Sdn Bhd, but it’s the same premium standing desk experience that’s taken Singapore and Australia by storm.

“We are a bunch of retired gamers who ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and tech consulting. We soon found the glaring similarities between these seemingly disparate worlds – whether we are going on end-game raids or simply stuck in endless meetings, we are still spending hours upon hours on our desks, and constantly at the mercy of bad posture. We needed a desk that was truly our own and that was the impetus that started Omnidesk” said Benjamin Huang, Omnidesk’s Managing Director.

In just a couple of years, Omnidesk has grown from simply offering height-adjustable desks to offering an entire ecosystem of workspace ergonomics with the Omnidesk at its very core. “With a global pandemic changing how the world interacts with each other and working from home becoming the new normal, better ergonomics has become more important than ever. The perfect workspace should not just be comfortable, it should inspire and aspire. We figured it was time for our Malaysian friends to stop waiting any longer because Omnidesk is crossing the border!” said Benjamin Huang, Omnidesk’s Managing Director.

This move aligns perfectly with Omnidesk’s strategy of expanding its offerings into new territories and democratising workspace ergonomics through quality and affordability to more people.

The Omnidesk Pro 2020 – The only desk you would ever need.

Omnidesk Pro 2020

Omnidesk’s flagship fully height adjustable desk allows you to transform the way you work or play. The Omnidesk™ Pro 2020 is a fully modular and upgradeable electric desk platform that offers infinite possibilities. With choices of accessories, size, shape and finishes, you can create a customised setup and achieve your ideal position, whether you sit or stand.

Key features of the Omnidesk™ Pro 2020 include:

  • Signature tabletops: Made from the highest grade MDF wood and engineered for the best standing desk experience, the bevelled edges of the desktop allows for maximum comfort when standing or leaning with forearms on the edge of the desk.
  • Ergonomics made easy: Omnidesk Pro 2020’s console features smart memory programmable presets to save up to four favourite profiles. With a highly sensitive anti-collision mechanism and a child-lock feature, switch to your ideal sitting, standing, or even bean bag positions easily at a touch of a button.
  • Customisable and Future-proof: Electric motors allow you to raise or lower the desk to your exact preferences. The extendable frame fits multiple size tabletops from 42” to 74”, allowing for future upgrades for larger and new tabletops. Accessories and options, including monitor arms, cable management tools, PC holders and speaker mount capabilities allow you to upgrade your Omnidesk™ Pro 2020 just the way you like.

The Omnidesk is not simply a desk, it is a living breathing ecosystem with a suite of accessories for both work and play. Whether you are climbing the ladder or scaling the ranks, there is always something for you.

Our ecosystem is also infinitely expandable, from acquiring more real estate to simply elevating your workspace. Our ecosystem will live and breathe as you work and play.

Titus- Premium Desk Mat

Indulge in an experience you can look and feel with the Titus desk mat. Each Titus is handmade from premium PU leather that is double-layered for additional durability while a layer of our proprietary waterproof coat provides protection against those pesky accidents. The Titus desk mat is available in 3 different sizes(S,L,XL) and in 2 different colours (Onyx or Tan)

MSRP: RM259 (S) / RM289 (L) / RM319 (XL) Launch Price: RM129 (S) / RM159 (L) / RM189 (XL)

Atlas – Anti-Fatigue Mat

Reinvigorate and redefine the standing desk experience with the Omnidesk Atlas. Specially engineered for maximum cushion and support, the Atlas is made from specialised gel commonly found in premium running shoes that greatly reduces the strain of prolonged standing on hard surfaces. Redefine and reimagine standing with the Omnidesk Atlas anti-fatigue mat!

Launch Price: RM289

Give your PC a home that moves with you. The Omnidesk CPU roller is specially designed to keep your CPU off your floor while keeping it mobile. Featuring steel enclosures and protective pads that securely fastens your PC as well as protecting it from scratches.

Launch Price: RM149

Arc Stealth (Single / Dual)

Elevate and optimise your workspace with the Arc Stealth. Sporting a sleek matte black finish, the Arc Stealth is specially made for the consummate professional looking to both work and play. Available in both single or double, the Arc Stealth is the monitor arm that seamlessly blends form and function. Elevate and maximise your workspace today!

MSRP: RM369 (Single) / RM599 (Dual)
Launch Price: RM289 (Single) / RM449 (Dual)

Finding Omnidesk Malaysia

We have created dedicated channels exclusively for our Malaysian friends, featuring promotions and content specially curated for the Malaysian market.

Price point & Launch Promo

Starting from RM2,400 (Usual Price: RM3,099) for the Omnidesk Pro 2020 with a 48” Tabletop. Each Omnidesk comes with a specially designed cable management bar and controller. They are also offering affordable flat-pack delivery of your Omnidesk and accessories all across Malaysia so all you need to do is to sit back and wait.

Unfortunately, they don’t yet deliver to East Malaysia as of press time.

To celebrate their journey across the causeway, Omnidesk is having an exclusive launch promotion – 10% OFF all offerings sitewide for a limited time only, and that includes the flagship Omnidesk Pro 2020.

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